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Target adds a NEW Black Owned Lip Stick Brand to Stores, called The Lip Bar…WINNING!

the lip barCNBC’s Shark Tank has become a hugely successful TV show where millions of people watch from around the world.  Aspiring entrepreneurs eager to get on the show to showcase their business ideas to some of the worlds, top entrepreneurs, so they can partner with them and invest in their dreams.  Shark Tank has become a global phenomenon and is also funding dreams and launching new empires on every episode.

In 2015, on the Season 6, Week 17 episode of Shark Tank on ABC Kevin O’Leary one of the “Sharks” called the beautiful black founders of the Lip Bar. “Colorful Cockroaches”.   O’Leary went on to say,”The chances that this is a business are practically zero,”.   Additionally, none of the Sharks offered to invest with the Lip Bar team.  Even, one of our very own black-owned business superstars, Daymond John, discouraged Lip Bar founder, Melissa Butler from pursuing her newly founded business by adding, “You are never going to create anything new in this world. It’s lipstick.”

Where is the Dora Milaje when you need them?

People of all races, but especially black people, were enraged by the disrespectful statements hurled at brilliant entrepreneurs Melissa Butler and  Roscoe Spears on national television.  The internet went ballistic making statements on social media like; “womanempowers Stopped watching because you guys are rude. Money definitely doesn’t buy class…”,

erykalynn3 Colorful cockroaches?! Really y’all called a guest on y’all show colorful cockroaches!!! Why are y’all still on tv!?”,

erikausvi@erykalynn3 I came to this page to say the same! I will never watch this show!”,

thickyrocNever watching this show again #colorfulcockroaches Disrespectful Rude Unprofessional and #QWhite Racist 🗣”,

“lgreg724@sharktankabc y’all need to address the “colorful cockroaches” comment!!!!!! IDGAD if it has been 2 years!!!!!”,

and there are thousands of other posts across other social media platforms filled with angry four-letter words and expletives that seem extremely justified due to the level of disrespect in this situation.  Clearly, black people took offense to this white man; regardless of how rich or how famous;  having the audacity to let such insulting and demeaning words even come out of his mouth directed at two professional young black women.  Outrageous is the word most fitting to describe this insulting occurrence.


Lip Bar CEO flips the script on Shark Tank’ reject and got her lipsticks on the shelves at Target

After experiencing a devastating public rejection like the Melissa Butler, Lip Bar CEO, experienced you would think she would have gone back home dejected to nurse her wounds and simply fold up shop.  Well, not this bold black business owner.  Butler actually leveraged the publicity she received from the show into a deal with Target that landed her products on the shelves of 142 Target locations nationwide.   By the time Melissa Butler had made it to Shark Tank, she had already been building this brand feverishly for 3 years and she was not about to let one no cause her to miss out on the thousands of yeses and millions of dollars she could capture if she would simply persevere.  And persevere is exactly what she and her team did.  They were persistent in locating and pitching the right person at Target until they would at least try a sample.  Butler says that by the time she was able to get the Target buyers to at least try a sample she knew she would have them hooked.

“You really want to pull deep down within yourself and remember why you started your business, and why the world needs it,” ~ Melissa Butler

The Lip Bar was born out of Butler’s frustration with the then present state of the beauty industry.  Butler went into more detail about her frustration that lead to her inspiration.  She asked herself, “Why were most cosmetics filled with unnecessary chemicals? Why did lipsticks only come in a limited range of colors? And more importantly, why was the depiction of beauty so damn linear?   Everywhere I looked beauty companies, magazines, and the TV were telling women that you need to look like a specific thing to be considered beautiful. I hated that. So I started making lipstick in my kitchen because I believed beauty shouldn’t compromise health and because I was determined to not change the way I looked to fit into some superficial or trendy beauty standard. Fuck that. There is no standard.”    Butler feels that every woman deserves to have a right to express her uniqueness and to have a wider range of colors that represent a wider range of woman.  As a result, the Lip Bar was born and she has been relentless in not only creating a product for an underserved market segment but a movement that allows women the right to uninhibited expression of themselves.

The Lip bar has even garnered the attention of major Hollywood celebrities like Taraji P. Henson who sported her own bold shade of Lip Bar lipstick at the 2016 American Music Awards.

The Lip Bar is now based in Detroit Michigan, where Melissa Butler works daily with her staff of 8 to focus on pitching more retailers and beauty industry influencers; while expanding the product offerings of the company.

When asked what the true secret to her success is; Butler replied, “Persistence and Determination”.

For More Information on Melissa Butler and The Lip Bar please visit: The Lip Bar


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