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Blavity is getting ready for New Location and New heights of success

blavity founder morgan debraunOn May 2, 2018, FastCompany published an insightful article entitled “How Black Millenials Can Finally Close The Racial Wealth Gap”.  The author states, “As millennials prepare to become the largest generation in the U.S. and the largest group in the workforce, it’s just the right time for black millennials to start securing their legacies by building the generational wealth needed to close the racial wealth gap. ”  There is a new media powerhouse emerging that gives a voice, connectivity and economic support for black millennials.  This new burgeoning media empire is called Blavity; created from the words black gravity, according to Co-founder and CEO Moran Debraun.  Blavity founds believe, “Black culture influences the world. ” Therefore they have set out on a mission to present Black Culture to the world from with a genuinely black perspective, tone and voice.  Interestingly, Debraun and Samuels were honored by being named in Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30: Meet the Young People Transforming Media” on Jan 4, 2016.

Blavity comes to Life

Blavity is an American Internet media company and website based in Los Angeles, created by and for black millennials.  Their mission is to “economically and creatively support Black millennials across the African diaspora, so they can pursue the work they love and change the world in the process.”, according to Wikipedia.  Blavity was originally founded in 2014 by Debraun (CEO) and co-founded by Jonathan Jackson, Jeff Nelson and Aaron Samuels.  Blavity is become known as “the new media and lifestyle site for the young and black in America, takes on meaningful subjects…”(Tech Crunch – 

Blavity Defines…. Blavity

In her own words, Blavity CEO Morgan Debraun says, “For those who are new to our product, Blavity is a tech media platform built for up and coming Black creators, makers, and people who like dope things.  Blavity was formed because our team was fed up with portrayals of Black culture that don’t accurately reflect us.  Black culture is so dynamic and its many representations should be showcased.  We saw an opportunity to evangelize worthwhile engaging and creative content to consumers.”

Black culture influences the world. We passionately believe that Blavity will provide an alternative to the new generation of our culture and how it is portrayed in the media, which in turn influences the world.  We solemnly believe that by providing an alternative to how our culture is portrayed today, we can change the world tomorrow. ~ Morgan Debraun

Blavity begins to Blossom

By the fall of 2016, Blavity’s traffic had already reached millions of unique visitors per month.   By this time Blavity had already begun to be the place where black millennials turn to discuss and debate relevant; even controversial, issues.  In September of 2016, the growing media magnate hit a major milestone based on its obvious viability and closed a one million dollar round of seed funding from MACRO, New Media Ventures, Base Ventures, Cross Culture Ventures, Harlem Capital Partners, the Knight Enterprise Fund and others.   Now armed with a fresh round of funding Blavity further expands the reach of its platform and brand by launching two new conferences; “EmpowerHer”, a conference hosted in New York City for black women and “Afrotech”, another conference hosted in San Francisco, CA for black people in tech.


Furthermore, in 2017 Blavity continues to demonstrate it’s intent to be the dominant media brand for black millennials by continuing to diversify and expand.  That year Blavity launched a black women’s lifestyle platform called, “21Ninety”. Furthermore, true mogul fashion; acquired two other properties, the black entertainment website “Shadow and Act” and the black travel website “Travel Noire”.

The Future Gets Funding

By continuing to leverage their success and remaining true to their mission Blavity is still on a meteoric rise to become a global force.  In fact, the bright future for Blavity just got brighter, because in July of 2018 the company received another round of funding.  Reportedly, Blavity …” closed a $6.5 million Series A round led by GV with participation from Comcast Ventures and others. GV Partner John Lyman and Cross Culture ventures’ Managing Partner Marlon Nichols will join Blavity’s board of directors.” (TechCrunch 

Blavity has some major plans for expansion in the works; including a new office in Atlanta, expanded engineering departments and some new tech tools to better serve their core audience.


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